La Nouvelle Athènes Paris

A visit to the Nouvelle Athènes quarter of Paris begins with a visit to the Musée de la vie Romantique, 16 rue Chaptal in the ninth arrondisement of Paris. IMG_0594

The building which houses the museum has retained its original decor and character.  A secluded passage of shaded trees leads to this mansion built in 1830.

It is one of the few homes that still remain in Paris dating back to the days of King Louis-Philippe’s monarchy. The original owner,  Ary Scheffer,  was a romantic Dutch born painter whose painting were inspired by history and literature.

His painting such as Gaston de Foix (1824), Les Femmes souliotes (1828) and Françoise de Rimini  (1835) were influenced by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.  He also drew inspiration from the writings of Goethe and Effie and Jeanie dans la prison d’Edimbourg was drawn after Walter Scott’s novel “The Heart of Midlothian”. Continue reading “La Nouvelle Athènes Paris”