The Art World in Paris between the Wars


                      Coco Channel (1930) by Man Ray

Man Ray

Man Ray arrived in France in 1921 when the bistros and artists’ workshops in Montmartre and Montparnasse were buzzing with artists, writers and poets. He loved the arty world of Paris in which he moved.  His portraits of Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy, Peggy Guiggenheim, Coco Channel, Alberto Giacometti propelled him to fame in 1921.

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Salvador Dalí, Paris

“Every morning I when I awake the greatest joy of mine: that of being Salvador Dalí”

Salvador Dalí grew up in Figures, Spain, and its  rocky landscape was to become a recurrent theme in his paintings.

In 1920, Dalí began his studies at the  Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. He found his tutors he encountered there to be a disappointment  as they did not teach him anything about classicism. He was later expelled from the Academy and decided to move to Paris to continue his studies.   “Once in Paris I shall seize Power!” Dalí proclaimed.

It was in Paris that Dalí first met Gala, the love of his life and also his Muse.  She had arrived in Paris 1916 having fled  Russia during the Revolution.  She met Dalí while she was still married to Paul Éluard, the French  surrealist poet.

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